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Why A Mobile Website Is A Must Have

Mobile Websites

With mobile internet usage set to surpass computer internet usage, it’s important to ensure that your website is fully compatible with a range of mobile devices.  A full 25% of all Americans browse solely on mobile devices, a number that is expected to grow in the future, especially amongst younger consumers.

Even if your website is currently viewable on a mobile phone, it may look disorganized and be difficult to navigate, which can lower conversions and cause people to leave your site in frustration.  When you optimize for mobile, it will be easier for people to navigate your site and see the information their seeking, thus making it much more likely that they will actually take action.

Consider the statistics recently gathered by Google: 69% of all smartphone users have looked up directions on their phones.  50% search for restaurant and bar locations nearby.  59% search for products to buy.  54% use their phones to research before they arrive at a store.  Given that so many people are actively looking to make decisions on where to do business while on their smartphone, can your business afford to lose their patronage just because your website doesn’t show up properly on their phone?

Below you’ll find two great examples of companies that were able to increase their profits and retain customers by making a few simple changes to their websites.

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