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Web Video Wagon- Be a Pioneer!

Benefits of Web Video 

Here are some reasons why business owners need web video:

1.                   The Search for Local Business Starts Online

97% of Internet users perform local searches – BIA/Kelsey, June 2011

61% of local searches result in purchasesTMP/comScore, March 2011.


2. Mobile Is A Must: Implementation is Everything
61% of users said they would be more inclined to buy from a website that was designed for a mobile device. – Mindjumpers, March 2013

More stats that prove how mobile will benefit your business. (Please note: this leads to an external site.)

View sample mobile sites.

3.       Video Improves Rankings

According to Forrester Research (2010), websites containing video are 53 times more likely to appear on the front page of Google results.

Search engines LOVE informative content! Content is king, queen, jack and your ace in the hole. 89 million Americans watch up to 1.2 billion web videos a day. –comScore’s video matrix, December, 2010

Don’t you think that ranking higher and improving your SEO would help you with lead generation? Wouldn’t that benefit your company’s sales efforts?

4.       Video Is the Web’s New Basic Black

YouTube has become the second-largest search engine in the United States. –MediaPost, December 2011

Don’t you want to put your company where your customers are?

5.       Video Engages Users

Click-thru rates increase by 96% when video is embedded in an e-newsletter.

Consumers who view a video product demo while shopping are 85% more likely to make a purchase. –Dan Piech of comScore, OMMA January 2011.

Increasing conversion rates in an engaging manner was the top priority for the Coyote Point Museum. I worked with the marketing director to attract more families with kids and make the museum appear hip through video. They wanted something to get the kids excited, like the 2004 Six Flags Marine World commercials with the elderly “Mr. Six” breaking into an energetic dance. So we showed the target audience—kids—having fun learning about wildlife, and we featured upbeat music. Check out our Video Production Services Packages overview.

Don’t you think that increased engagement would help establish trust and rapport?  Wouldn’t that benefit your company’s sales efforts?

6.       Video Converts and Creates Customers

41% of people take action after watching a video.  —IAB and Ipsos Mendelsohn, August 2011

Wouldn’t taking action be a positive response to your call to action? Wouldn’t you like a 41% conversion rate for your sales efforts?

Are you beginning to see how web video could be one of the most effective sales tools available to you? Are you beginning to see how web video could benefit you and your company?

7.       Relax: It’s Not Trash TV

The bad news is, if you don’t promote your company with web video, your competition will—and you will be left behind.

Even with that knowledge, you still may be hesitant—even opposed—to the idea of having a documentary-style video that features your business and clients. That was the case for one of my recent clients who is a plastic surgeon—a profession where traditional advertising can be seen as tacky (similar to lawyers and psychotherapists).

Before my initial consultation with the doctor, his assistant had a surprisingly emotional outburst and spent nearly 15 minutes expressing her fears that our video would exhibit the same lack of integrity she had seen on reality TV. (Keep in mind that I specialize in documentary-style video—that means non-fiction storytelling, not “reality TV.”)

However, she was second to sing my praise after viewing the final product; the surgeon was the first. With web video, we were able to achieve his goal of helping patients get over their fear of surgery in a way that no other forms of advertising could achieve.

Check out our Video Production Services Packages overview.

Now that you know the potential benefits and heard from other satisfied business owners and non-profit directors like you, it’s time for you to take the next step. Take your marketing efforts into the 21st century? Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

Check out our Video Production Services Packages overview.


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