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Our Approach: Web video may be in its infancy but it will evolve and unfold in a manner comparable to film and television. The mere recording of an event will not be enough: narrative and character development will be essential to attracting an audience and getting them to stay around long enough to absorb your message.

  • We will use our formal training and Hollywood know-how to go beyond the talking head so that our clients do not suffer a rain out on their field of dreams.
  • We have a strong knowledge of search engine optimization and a mastery of non-fiction storytelling: We can produce a video for you that increases your audience and inspires them to actually watch your web video.
  • We know how to transform you and your staff into characters making them stars of your own mini movie.
  • We can help you employ web video as a sales force that generates instant credibility for you and your company in a manner that is comparable to an appearance on television.

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Bay Area Video Production Services: Go Beyond the Talking Head- Go in Documentary Style!

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