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Protect Your Field of Dreams from a Rain out

Realize Your Dreams

You may have seen Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner and Ray Liotta. If you did, I’m sure you remember the film’s most famous line: “If you build it, they will come.” In the quantity-over-quality world of YouTube, you may believe that posting a video, any video, is enough. This is simply not so.

Even in the film, the field had to follow certain specifications in order to attract the top players.

I suggest that the more fruitful question may be not “If I build it, will they come?” but rather “If I build it, how do I get them to stay?”

If your answer is talking heads or a slide show, you may end up with a rainout on your field of dreams, and your dream of moving your audience to action may be washed out.

We specialize in getting your audience to stay and watch your message. We do this by understanding the value of meeting audience expectations and storytelling. We help you employ web video as the most cost-effective and persuasive member of your sales force.

Talking about sales, here’s what one salesperson and one promoter had to say about our video production services:

Kamala Appel of KEA Productions was wonderful with creating my web commercial. Right from the beginning Kamala was professional. She helped me figure out what wording I wanted to say. She always seemed to ask the right questions. The shoot was fun to do. Even when I kept messing up with the words, she never got frustrated with me. Her turnaround was very quick with the final product. I will definitely recommend KEA Productions, if anyone would like to have a webmercial.  —Danielle Kiehl, Realtor, Coldwell Banker


I had the pleasure of working with Kamala of KEA Productions. She is very professional. The footage was amazing; full of color and steady. We had a live concert and Kamala even climbed the stage to take great shots of the band (upon our request). As a result of this great work we were able to use the material for the band’s new music video. I would not hesitate to call on Kamala again.  —Alejandro Ramirez, CEO, Solfeo Promotions


Here’s the cool thing about adding a documentary-style web video to your marketing mix: If you love sales, you’ll absolutely love what web video can do for you. And even if you hate sales, you will still love what web video can do for you.

Web videos can supplement and complement your sales efforts and even act as an unpaid sales force that does not require a base salary, commission, paid time off, or health benefits. Web videos never go on vacation, they never get sick, and they never retire. A web video can be to you what Alfred was to Batman and Kato for the Green Hornet: Once you have one, it will work as your loyal servant forever.

For less than you probably spend on per month for one person’s salary, you could have a lifelong, limitless sales force working 24/7 for your company. Can you imagine the benefits to you and your company?

Seeing is believing: Find out how a KEA Productions documentary-style web video can prevent a rain out on your field of dreams.

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