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Mobile Website Case Study #2

Company: Taco Bell

Industry: Restaurant

To make it easier for customers to view information about Taco Bell while outside of the home.

Taco Bell is a Tex-Mex themed fast food restaurant with venues throughout the world.

With over half of all US-based cell phone users reporting that they search for information about restaurants while on their phone, Taco Bell knew it was important to provide a website that was easily accessible and understandable on mobile devices.  The desktop version of the Taco Bell website was designed in Flash, which isn’t supported by many mobile devices.  It was also poorly organized when viewed on a smaller screen.  Due to these problems, analytics revealed that many users on mobile phones were leaving the Taco Bell website after only a few seconds.

Taco Bell decided to par down the website to the elements that would be essential to consumers on the go.  The mobile website focused in on providing menu and nutritional information and also included a store finder.  The site was entirely coded in HTML, a computer language easily understood by all web-enabled mobile devices.

One month after implementing the mobile site, the mobile traffic to Taco Bell’s website doubled.

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