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How would you like to reach your customers anytime, anywhere, on their preferred method of communication? With mobile marketing, you can!

Over five billion people across the world own a mobile device. That’s 77% of the world’s total population. If you’re not using mobile marketing, you’re missing out on a huge communication opportunity.

This Mobile Marketing Case Study Guide shows you how sixteen different businesses used mobile marketing to increase brand awareness and new customers. Whether your goal is more sales, better customer retention, or a better return-on-investment for advertising dollars, mobile can help.

Why is mobile such a powerful tool for small businesses? The answer is personalization and localization.

Services like SMS text messaging allow you to communicate with your customers directly and on a personal level thereby increasing brand affinity and relevance.

Mobile websites are another huge tool, allowing potential customers to find what they need quickly and easily on a small screen!

Meanwhile, smartphones have also added a layer of localization to the internet. A smartphone can detect where a user is in physical space and serve the end user relevant information based on that location.

Below we look at several different areas of mobile marketing and how different businesses in many different sectors have tapped into this growing revolution!

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