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Legs to Stand On

Legs to Stand On I do have a few tips to share that I think can make healthy living easier. Here are my top three: 1)      Do something manageable and progressive. I have seen too many people go out gang busters and then get hurt or frustrated and then end up quitting or binging. I […]

Zero to Hero

  Zero to Hero I mentioned briefly that I went from zero to hero when it came to sports. Ok, so probably not hero like an Olympian, but at least all my hard work paid off and I didn’t suck. Here’s my scrub back story: Even though I have played competitive sports and, as a […]

Be Kind. Get Some Rest.

Kind Rest Even though I like reading health and fitness books and magazines and talking to those who have made that industry their profession, there are a few things about health and fitness that came as a surprise to me. For example, I didn’t realize how important rest days were to training, especially endurance training. […]


Nutrition I made a commitment to live a healthy life without complaining in college when my grandfather’s diabetes got so out of hand that his doctor said he could lose his leg. My grandfather was the only one in my family who was a true jock. He was a golden glove as a teen and […]

All Heart

All Heart Even though I know how important exercise, diet, and stress management are to good health; I still find stress management challenging. I have had cortisol level issues ever since my mother’s stroke because I’m the only one who really helps her. I work to remind myself that my health is at least, if […]

Eating Right

Chapter 1: Eating Right I have a bit of a zero to hero, ok maybe reluctant hero story that I will share with you in a bit. But the Cliff Notes version is that I went from hating PE to being a coach and playing Division I sports in college; from developing an eating disorder, […]

Welcome! Discover Your Reason for Being

Hello, my name is Kamala Appel, aka “the key” in KEA Productions. I’d like to welcome you to the Reasons for Being Community, where people come together to share ideas and reasons for living a healthy lifestyle. I decided to put together this book because it horrifies me to see the way our country is […]

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