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Finding the Right College for You

11. Undergraduate Relations   It is worth researching whether a university places a greater value on educating its undergraduate student body or those enrolled in graduate programs. Many colleges will be very forthcoming about their emphasis, and certainly students will know.   Since you are most likely considering undergraduate programs if you are reading this, […]

Choosing A College and Get Into University

10. Typical Housing   This is something worth thinking about, especially as an undergrad, because it can greatly influence your social life, participation in extracurricular activities, and possibly even community interactions to some degree. Most colleges are either residential or commuter-focused; although most offer both, the student body tends to lean toward one or the […]

Choose A College and Get into College

9. Campus-Community Relations   Campus-community relations ended up being so much more important to me than I initially realized. When I say “campus-community relations,” I mean how the students and non-students in the surrounding community react to and interact with each other, as well as the general sentiment or vibe between the two populations.   […]

College Search Tips

8. Cost to Attend   Let’s be real—money is always an issue, at least for the majority of the nation. And we are in a recession. So beyond stating the obvious, I realize that paying for your college education will be at the top of the list for your parents. However, I encourage you to […]

Get into University

7. Degree of Competitive Reputation/Prestige   I know that it may sound very elitist, but reputation can be something to consider, too. I have already discussed how a college’s overall reputation can influence how you select a major and how much freedom you have to explore your academic options while on campus.   A college’s […]

Get into College

6. Class Size   Class size, as in ratio of students to faculty, can really influence access to faculty and your experience as an undergraduate student. For the most part, private schools have smaller class sizes.   My friends who went to public colleges for their undergraduate studies shared horror stories with me about having […]

Select and Get into College

5. Location   Location. Location. Location! Any business knows that location is everything. With this in mind, colleges and universities are businesses, but their approach towards sales does not really rely on foot traffic to attract customers. For that reason, I am placing location in the middle of this list.   Yet it is worth […]

Finding A College That’s Right for You

4. Public versus Private   There are a few things to consider when you weigh the benefits of going to a private school versus a public school. One of the most obvious is cost. Normally, a public school is less expensive if you are an in-state resident. However, a private grad school ended up being […]

Find the Right College for You

3. Campus Population   This is a factor that I didn’t consider as thoroughly as maybe I should have, although, to be honest, there are nuances that you just don’t pick up on until you are there—and sometimes for awhile (more than just one visit). The obvious types of student bodies available are: coed versus […]

Choose a College

2. Extracurricular Activities Offered   Some people may think this is a shallow thing to consider, but I would strongly disagree. Although I personally would place academics first, I think extracurricular activities are a close second because they are what bring balance to your life. For many, college without certain extracurricular activities, such as sports […]

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