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Tricks, Treats, and Tips: Lessons Learned from Horror Films

In honor of Halloween, I wanted to treat you to some tricks of the trade and share with you some ways you as a business owner can benefit from a closer look at the genre of horror films as it pertains to producing an effective web video for your company. 1. Cast: Sex may sell […]

Choosing a College

1. Available Majors   I tend to think that you would benefit greatly if you are willing to keep an open mind when you think about what you may want to select as a major. I ended up majoring in a department that I NEVER thought I would have selected. To be honest, I didn’t […]

Preparing to Lead

When it comes to the admissions process, you need to demonstrate that you are a LEADER:Learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. In other words, be willing to try again AND listen to the advice of people who achieved something you want to achieve (like getting into a top college…). Excel. Pick an […]

Getting Glowing Letters of Recommendation

If you want to get a glowing recommendation that helps you get into the top college of your choice, DO the following.   Stand Out Respectfully. Learn How to Think Critically. Nobody likes a suck-up or brown-noser. And, believe it or not, people can spot one more easily than the guilty party may realize. So […]

Extracurriculars Pt. 3

3. Be Willing to Earn It. In addition to critical thought, hard work does pay off eventually. Perhaps you are a natural at some things, but you would be surprised how often the people who struggle and then improve end up being the ones who stand out to their teachers, coaches, managers, etc.   I […]

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