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Extracurriculars Pt. 2

Here are some steps that you DO want to take to demonstrate that you are well-rounded and able to identify your passion.   1. Discover Your Reason for Being. One reason why I recommend narrowing down your extracurricular activities as a junior or senior is to help discover your passion. Think about what you love […]

Legs to Stand On

Legs to Stand On I do have a few tips to share that I think can make healthy living easier. Here are my top three: 1)      Do something manageable and progressive. I have seen too many people go out gang busters and then get hurt or frustrated and then end up quitting or binging. I […]


As you approach your studies and extracurricular activities during your high school years, think about how the following can apply to you. My hope is that you will be better situated to identify and master your PASSION.   So what exactly do I mean when I say, “Identify your PASSION”?   Persevere. Be willing to […]

Being Well-Rounded Pt. 3

DO the following:   1. Understand the Definition of “Well-Rounded” I have seen many students make the mistake of confusing being well-rounded with overly busy and booked. It is good to experiment. I think it is important to be open to trying new things, even if you do not think you would like it, or […]

Being Well-Rounded Pt. 2

Do you ever wonder why college admissions officers care about people being “well-rounded”? Here are a few of my theories: One, alumni love to see current students excel at activities they did when they were in school, and alumni make donations to their alma maters AND pay for tickets to watch current students perform (sports, […]

Move It!

When it comes to developing good study habits, you have to MOVE IT. Make time to study in chunks so you can actually absorb what you learn. Organize your time, thoughts, and notes. If you cram or procrastinate, you won’t be organized. Visualize success so you can feel calm during tests. Visualizing may help you […]

Being Well-Rounded Pt. 1

  On my list of most common college applicant mistakes, the following would be                                                                                                                         #15: Being too rounded to the point of being scattered. It is good to try different things, but at some point you need to pick one or two activities that you care about enough to work at and get good […]

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