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Zero to Hero

  Zero to Hero I mentioned briefly that I went from zero to hero when it came to sports. Ok, so probably not hero like an Olympian, but at least all my hard work paid off and I didn’t suck. Here’s my scrub back story: Even though I have played competitive sports and, as a […]

Improve Your Standardized Test Scores

Here are some tips for what you should DO to help improve your test scores:   1. Register Early for the Tests in Your Area. It is not uncommon for popular test sites to get booked fast, so do not wait until the last minute to sign up for the required standardized tests (usually SATs). […]

Learn How to Study

2. I am sure this is not the first time you have heard someone mention the importance of good study habits, and it will probably not be the last. So how can you learn how to study?   First, note taking will help (there she goes again!). You may want to get into the habit […]

Be Kind. Get Some Rest.

Kind Rest Even though I like reading health and fitness books and magazines and talking to those who have made that industry their profession, there are a few things about health and fitness that came as a surprise to me. For example, I didn’t realize how important rest days were to training, especially endurance training. […]

From Sour Pusses to Angry Crickets

AUDIENCE EXPECTATIONS (Pt. II: The Dancing Mice) You may have already jumped on the web video bandwagon. However, just because you have a web video doesn’t mean that people will watch it or listen to your message. So the question you may be asking yourself now is “If I build it, will they come and […]

Develop Good Study Habits BEFORE College. Pt. 2

B. Test taking: Try to learn how to anticipate or guestimate potential test questions and answers. This does not mean asking your teacher “What’s going to be on the test?”—which might not get you much useful information and will probably only annoy your teacher. Instead, take note of what is emphasized during lecture: What is […]


Nutrition I made a commitment to live a healthy life without complaining in college when my grandfather’s diabetes got so out of hand that his doctor said he could lose his leg. My grandfather was the only one in my family who was a true jock. He was a golden glove as a teen and […]

Under the Influence

HOLLYWOOD INFLUENCE Would you like to make more money and have more influence? If so, I’d like to share with you how the most effective storytellers employ the Hollywood Classical Cinema style. Hollywood Classical Cinema is not only the most dominant form of cinematic style, it is the most prevalent style of modern storytelling and […]

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