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Develop Good Study Habits BEFORE College.

1. Develop Good Study Habits BEFORE College.   A. Note taking: Take notes. Take notes because it will help you learn. Yes, it will—trust me. Taking notes will benefit you. I will tell you why and how. Most people under the age of 45 (people younger than Baby Boomers) are visual and/or kinetic learners. This […]

All Heart

All Heart Even though I know how important exercise, diet, and stress management are to good health; I still find stress management challenging. I have had cortisol level issues ever since my mother’s stroke because I’m the only one who really helps her. I work to remind myself that my health is at least, if […]

Turning Lemons into Cash Cow Lemonade

Learn from Hollywood about how to meet audience expectations and win over your target audience.

Paying for College

If you want money for college or any major future expense, you need to Start investing now!   I wish I had known this when I was a minor: INVEST NOW! Even if you start with just a very nominal amount of $100, that $100 dollars will be worth more by the time you graduate […]

History of Hollywood Classical Cinema

The internet is following the same course as television, radio, and film. Discover what the movie moguls did and how it parallels the future of web video.

Benefits of Web Video

Heard a lot of hub hub about how it will benefit you to have a web video but you’re still feeling cynical? Learn the facts and figures about web video and it’s impact on search engine optimization.

Sales Steps

Learn some of the biggest lessons I learned from sales script expert Eric Lofholm about the sales process and taking people step-by-step like how a movie takes an audience scene by scene.

Value of Web Video As Part of Your Sales Force

What’s all the hype around having a video for your website? Find out why you need a web video as part of your sales force and marketing mix. Watch this video and you will discover  how you can do it yourself cost-effectively.

Go Beyond the Talking Head: Going Hollywood

How Hollywood Can Influence Your Web Videos and Bottom Line

Others Support Going Beyond the Talking Head to Go Viral

This is an interesting article about how to go viral by going beyond the talking head. The writer emphasizes the importance of getting an emotional response from the viewer.

Bay Area Video Production Services: Go Beyond the Talking Head- Go in Documentary Style!

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