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Fact v. Fiction #3

3. Fiction: Only Rich White Men Go to Ivy League Colleges. Many of the top colleges such as those in the Ivy League do tend to accept predominantly upper-class white males who attended prep school (an expensive, exclusive, private, college preparatory high school). However, based on my experience, the students who are the flag bearers […]

Fact v. Fiction #2

2. Fiction: They Got in Because They Are Black or Mexican. Affirmative Action has NOTHING to do with college entrance quotas. Educate yourself by reading what President Jimmy Carter actually wrote in the 1970s. A college does not want to let in someone they think may flunk out—after all, universities and colleges get the majority […]

Avoid a Rain Out on Your Field of Dreams

IF YOU BUILD IT THEY MAY COME, BUT GETTING THEM TO STAY IS THE REAL TRICK: TIPS TO AVOID A RAIN OUT ON YOUR FIELD OF DREAMS You may have seen Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner and Ray Liotta. If you did, I’m sure you remember the film’s most famous line: “If you build […]

Welcome! Discover Your Reason for Being

Hello, my name is Kamala Appel, aka “the key” in KEA Productions. I’d like to welcome you to the Reasons for Being Community, where people come together to share ideas and reasons for living a healthy lifestyle. I decided to put together this book because it horrifies me to see the way our country is […]

Fact v. Fiction #1

Part of doing your homework and due diligence before applying to a top college is getting clear on reality versus mythology. There are few myths that I want to dispel because it drives me crazy when people misstate the facts. And, I would hate for you to look ignorant during a college interview or in […]

Avoid the Sour Puss

AUDIENCE EXPECTATIONS (Part I: Sour Puss) I just can’t stress upon you enough the importance of audience expectations: Let me ask you some questions that reflect upon your own expectations as consumers. Fill in the blanks with either “hot” or “cold.” Let’s say it’s a hot day and you decide to meet a buddy at […]

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