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Published on May 20, 2015


Videos About Animals for Kids – Sea Lion Video Clips and Sea Lion Videos For Kids – Watch some sea lion video clips that are educational and inspirational sea lion videos for kids.

For more about Killer whale throws sea lion 20 feet into the air! Ketchikan, Alaska – Anglers Adventures – Ketchikan, Alaska, visit

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Sea Lion Video Clips provide inspiration and educational sea lion videos for kids that give insight to the Marine Mammal Protection Act Regulations and Marine Mammal Act Research Information. Watch video with seals and other mammals, sea lion video, sea lion video on youtube and at

Green Small Business Ideas: Sea lions are marine mammals. The sea lion can live on land or in the sea. The California sea lion is featured in the video but not the Stellar sea lion. For those who woonder where do sea lions live- both the California sea lions and steller sea lions can be seen off the coast of California; the steller sea lion population can be seen intermingled with the California sea lion range along the Northern and Southern coasts of California and other parts of the world (although I have only seen them in person in California). If you are wondering where the California sea lion is located along the coast, there are two rookeries that I have seen with an abundance of marine mammals both seals and sea lion habitat at Ano Nuevo between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay and by Santa Barbara. California sea lion food is a diet of fish and more fish- they love mackerel. If you want to hear weird facts about steller sea lions, I know one- they are very amble, in fact one made its way into a mall in the Bay Area- did I mention that they are curious too? You may also be curious about facts about the California sea lion such as how fast can sea lions swim? The California sea lion has been clocked at rates of over 30 mph by observers. I hope to make it to the Galapagos to see the Galapagos sea lion. I have heard that a good time to see the Galapagos sea lions is in the late spring (April and May). For curious tourists wondering when is the best time to see the sea lion in San Francisco, they can look pretty much year round at Pier 39- just listen for the barking and bleating. The angry sea lion in the “Sea Sermon” video is distressed by all the pollution and the impact of global warming on the sea lion and habitat of many different marine mammals throughout the world.

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