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Testimonials for Bay Area Video Producer, Kamala Appel

I had the pleasure of working with Kamala of KEA Productions. She is very professional. The footage was amazing; full of color and steady. We had a live concert and Kamala even climbed the stage to take great shots of the band (upon our request). As a result of this great work we were able to use the material for the band’s new music video. I would not hesitate to call on Kamala again. – Alejandro Ramirez, CEO Solfeo Promotions

The guys at East Bay Media Center said: ‘Wow, this is some of the best stuff you guys ever shot. Everything has good, even exposure, good composition, nice color and is overall very pleasing. Who shot this stuff? I know it wasn’t you, because you’re in the shots — Oh, Kamala Appel, well that explains why it looks so good.’ Thanks! – Brian Miller, COO American Academy of Taste

We received your tape and it was excellent. Thanks for doing a great job. –Rebecca Goldman, SAGAS (David Hoffman’s company)


* PRODUCER/ SHOOTER/ EDITOR (Corporate & Small Businesses Owners)

Kamala did a videotape for my website. She was a pleasure to work with. The result was very professional and appropriate. She readily understood my goals, and suggested visual and auditory means of communicating with prospective patients. Kamala was good about communicating, and delivered the videotape in a timely fashion.

We went to different locations to tape. She integrated in an unobtrusive and pleasant fashion. Patients and health care professionals all said that she put them at their ease and made the interview comfortable. None of us is a professional in communications, so it was not an easy task for us to show well on tape!

Kamala is a well-educated, articulate person. She helped me define my objectives and my target audience. She is creative and efficient. Kamala even chose enjoyable transitional music to connect the visual segments. I would refer her highly and without reservations. –Dr. Elliott Lavey, MD


I can’t begin to tell you the kind of impact you had on our project. Your knowledge, dedication and professional attitude really inspired me. Working with you had a positive impact not only on our project, but also on the featured artist. As a result of working with you, I learned about broadband technologies as well as the use of green screen in a video production. I plan to use your advice whenever I put together another new media event. I would definitely call on you again to head up any project involving web video or video production. – Mary Evans, Financial Services- Fortune 500


Kamala is on my go-to list for any and all digital video needs. She is a sharp, creative, and results-oriented professional who has helped me do my job by providing excellent videos for my web clients. I highly recommend her work. – Monica Flores, 10K Group


Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with many vendors and service providers (in the music industry). I must say that from our initial conversation down to the pulling together and completion of the project Kamala was professional, honest, insightful, and fully engaged in the process.

I was most impressed with the passion that she approached the project with and the command she has on her craft. She is armed with pertinent information about cutting edge technology and knows how to introduce and explain it to her clients without insult or injury. In the entertainment industry there is a lot of fluff that many times ends up undeliverable. With Kamala, her forecasts were accurate. She got the job done both cost and time effectively. I am looking forward to working with her again. –Desmond Pringle, Singer


Kamala Appel of KEA Productions was wonderful with creating my web commercial. Right from the beginning Kamala was professional. She helped me figure out what wording I wanted to say. She always seemed to ask the right questions. The shoot was fun to do. Even when I kept messing up with the words, she never got frustrated with me. Her turnaround was very quick with the final product. I will definitely recommend KEA Productions, if anyone would like to have a webmercial. – Danielle Kiehl, Realtor, Coldwell Banker


* PRODUCER/ SHOOTER/ EDITOR (Non Profit Organizations)

Without a lot of direction, Kamala was able to put together a 30 second PSA for us that helped generate awareness for our air mile donation campaign, ultimately raising 3.2 million donated miles. She worked very hard under a tight deadline, and focused on making it have as much impact as possible. We really appreciate her generosity and willingness to help us send more children on their wishes! -Jen Wilson, Marketing & Promotions Manager, Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area


The video is set to music and the process Kamala used to create the video enabled her to represent the museum in a way that has never been done before. Kamala caught the essence of who we are and was able to create a 30 and 60 second video that we are continually using to market the museum to various target audiences. – Michelle Martin, Director of Marketing & Public Relations, CuriOdyssey Wildlife Museum


Kamala Appel kept to her film schedule and was good at communicating any new ideas or changes that might come up. I am pleased that she has chosen to continue to pursue her original ideas of helping wildlife through film… I believe that with the help of talented people like Kamala, we will continue to make a positive impact for nature and the wild animals that live in our backyards and open spaces. –Sherrill Cook, Director External Affairs


Kamala Appel of KEA Productions produced a short documentary about Lakeview Branch Library in Oakland, CA, for a conference held in Kunming, China. The return on investment of time and cost greatly exceeded expectations. – Mary Farrell, Branch Manager, Oakland Public Library

(Award-winning Feature Documentary, ANIMAL CRACKERS)

I thought that the animals were represented well and using animation and humor was a great way to get children interested in animals as well as teach them the truth about animals. –Nikii Finch-Morales, Wildlife Keeper, Coyote Point Wildlife Museum


This film was creative, educational, and entertaining. I really enjoyed it! –Jill, Moviegoer


I loved the voiceovers, the use of different mediums and the music. I’ve never seen a documentary about animals that was this unusual and creative. -Libby, Parent


As an animal caretaker at Safari West I was frequently asked, ‘What can I do to help protect endangered animals?’ I like that instead of just telling people about the different animals and why they are endangered, ANIMAL CRACKERS gives suggestions for things people of all ages, including children, can do to actually help protect and preserve the animals. The animation of live animal footage was very interesting. I’ve never seen that style of animation before. It got my attention. Animal Crackers is a fun, lively film. I think the live animal footage and animation will appeal to children as well as adults. – Rebecca Schupp, Wildlife Keeper, Safari West Wildlife Preserve

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