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Published on September 17, 2015 Do you want to know How to Become a Horse Racing Jockey? Are you asking yourself “am I good enough for horse racing jockey” and want to learn what the horse racing jockey equipments are at the top 10 horse racing tracks? For more about Jockey Helmet Camera Del Mar Racetrack – Race – Del Mar Racetrack Replays, visit, And please subscribe to our channel at If you would like to learn more about the horse racing jockey gear, equipment and clothing that horse racing jockeys use at horse race tracks in USA and some of the nicest horse racing track, then this Horse Racing Jockey YouTube Video will answer all of your questions. Do you love the thrill of horse racing? When asked if you would like to go to the race tracks do you answer IN A HEARTBEAT? Do you think you know how to spot the winning horse? View the behind-the-scenes prep for the big race day. For more about how to become a race horse jockey, check out these videos: Female jockey killed in Darwin Cup – Simone Montgomerie Female Jockey trampled by horse Take a look inside a horse and why you should wear horse boots to protect your horses! Unbelievable true story behind a jockeys life (1 of 3) Breakdown: Death and Disarray at America’s Racetracks Animal Cops Miami – Caught in the Act Animal Cops Phoenix Trailer Park Tragedy EDGAR PRADO HELPS ANOTHER JOCKEY DURING RACE Murder, Jockeys,Drugs and Race fixing in Australia Super horse !!, Fastest horse i’ve ever seen !! Horse Racing Exposed: Drugs and Death Dressage horse freaks out at the London 2012 olympics Muri√≥ jockey en Victorica Perhaps this is the horse racing accident you never seen in your live. Near tragic accident in morning workout at racetrack Horse Racing Never see races like this again 2 Southwell 2002 2012 John Smiths Grand National Chase – Neptune Collonges Jockey mistake – goes for home too early 49 race horses left to die in stud farm outside Delhi Racing Explained – What Makes a Good Racehorse? And thanks to the following youtubers for the videos recommended above: NewsAgendas NEFNaoEstaFacil Kentucky Horsewear SportofKingsTV The New York Times AnimalRescueCops Wyman Zachariah claverarias Aussie Criminals Mustafa Azad PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) chestnutmare55 Cristian Javier Dragon Cheong HallThoroughbreds Eddie Cr Racing UK – International shux422 NDTV Horse Racing Ireland How to Become a Horse Racing Jockey YouTube Video

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