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Published on September 17, 2015

Pet Friendly Bay Area- Do you love the thrill of the race? When asked if you would like to go to the track do you answer IN A HEARTBEAT? Do you think you know how to spot the winning horse? View the behind-the-scenes prep for the big race day. A horse is probably one of the most popular domestic animals or farm animals next to dogs and cats. Horses have provided many forms of support and entertainment for man. So when you see an ad for horses for sale you need to check if it will be a work horse or a race horse for horse racing and sometimes a horse for sale ad is for horse mating often with thoroughbreds. The population of wild horses unfortunately is in great danger, but in my opinion has the right to be wild and free- there is nothing like seeing a herd of wild horses running and enjoying horse games to play and be social with each other- Wow! There are many famous horses that aren’t even actual horses like Crazy Horse the Native American, or the Trojan Horse from Greek tales (mythology maybe?), or a rocking horse for child’s play, a water horse in the movie “The Water Horse”, or sea horses that are real but not the horses people usually refer to when saying “horse”. Despite all the many non horses with horse names, you will rarely meet a horse with no name at a race track because their owners usually come up with names that they think will be lucky. I don’t know if the quarter horses receive outlandish names like the horses that compete since the quarter horses only run 1/4 of a mile. If you ever visit a track and are able to go behind the scenes, so to speak as I was fortunate enough to be able to do, you will see a lot of horse trailers and used horse trailers with and without horses, depending upon when you arrive- the AM work out starts at the crack of dawn- literally sometimes before the resident roosters start to crow. Between workouts and races the horses are kept in little horse barns or stables to prevent injury, although sometimes they get lonely and may have a goat or other farm animal to keep these social animals company. The jockeys also keep the horses company on the track since they love horse riding at maximum speed. Support a pet friendly San Francisco Bay Area by visiting: exercise, fitness, mindset, health, healthy, wellness, nutrition facts, nutrition, calorie counter, how to stay healthy, wellness, healthy living, pet friendly bay area

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