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Kamala Appel, aka “the key” in KEA Productions,  is not just a hack with a camera. She is a graduate of Yale University and the USC School of Cinematic Arts. She has worked at Universal Studios and ICM, one of the biggest talent agencies in Hollywood. She is a member of the Producers’ Guild of America. She’s also an award-winning documentary producer and non-fiction author who knows how to save you money in the short run and make you money in the long run.



Web video may be in its infancy but it will evolve and unfold in a manner comparable to film and television. The mere recording of an event will not be enough: narrative and character development will be essential to attracting an audience and getting them to stay around long enough to absorb your message.

* We have a strong knowledge of search engine optimization and a mastery of non-fiction storytelling

* We can produce a video for you that increases your audience and inspires them to actually watch your web video.

* We know how to transform you and your staff into characters making them stars of your own mini movie.

* We can help you employ web video as a sales force that generates instant credibility for you and your company.

*  We will use our formal training and Hollywood know-how to go beyond the talking head.



“What’s wrong with talking heads?” you may ask.

Nothing—if your customers are into ‘80s modern rock music. But if you are trying to launch an effective online marketing campaign, you need to get with the current program.

Let me ask you a question: Do you enjoy watching movies with a good story? If you do, you are part of the majority of audiences, because most people like to be entertained with a story and follow the experiences of sympathetic characters.

I suggest that our shared love of a good story began when we were children and our parents would persuade us to go to bed with the promise of a bedtime story. Our shared love of stories continues into adulthood, as evidenced by news programs luring people to tune into their broadcast by announcing “Our top story tonight is . . . ”.

So if you want people to tune into your message,  a talking head will not get the job done. Max Headroom may have had his moment in the spotlight back in the 1980s along with New Coke, but neither one of them lasted very long because they failed to take the little steps that would have made a big difference in their efforts to win over their audiences. Contact us to find out what those crucial steps are.



Have you ever watched television and been intrigued by a company or product featured on a show like Eye on the Bay or Good Morning America or another talk show? Have you ever noticed how those companies and products gain instant credibility?

KEA Productions can help you and your company gain the same credibility with a web or mobile video done in the magazine style that audiences adore. We specialize in creating videos that harvest a positive and predictable response from audiences because we take them to a place where they can hear and absorb your message.

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